Estate Planning

“Don’t let fear or indecision effect important life planning steps”

Estate planning is something that is often delayed because it can be difficult to think about making certain decisions. Protecting your family and making informed decisions, by establishing your values and priorities is ultimately more important. Certain aspects of estate planning should take effect now, so structuring your assets in a way that makes sense for your goals and needs and a well executed Estate Plan now will provide for you, your family and descendants in a meaningful way and allow you to make a lasting, positive impact on your community. Applying your wealth toward charitable causes leaves a legacy remembered and celebrated for many lifetimes. Ted French can help you address important decisions such as the selection of a trustee, executor or the guardian of minor children and will provide you with the legal facts to consider in making these important decisions.

Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney or Advanced Healthcare Directives …Ted French will form a solid estate plan that best suits you and your family’s unique needs. Depending on your individual circumstances, and for those with high net worth estates more advanced strategies may need to be implemented. If you currently have an estate plan, it is important to remember that the laws that effect these plans change frequently and maintaining these estate plans to keep them up to date and effective is vital. You should review your Estate Plan regularly, because life changes occur. A family relationship may change, your income or a change of executor or trustee are a few circumstances in which you may need to modify your estate plan.